Episode 117

Episode 117 is here! We have moved recording locations for this episode, but Kat is once again not as loud as she should be. We think we have fixed this problem in the next episode, though... Thank you for sticking with us during our growing pains. We truly appreciate you.

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Get a load of that penis collar.

Grams and young Phoebe.

Patty and young Phoebe.

"Gram's little friend."

Old Nicholas...

Young Nicholas...

Look at those house plants!

The energy crisis is not a new thing...

A good shot of Grams' ring.

Interesting sky shot. Never seen this one before!

The houses on this street are all Victorian, apparently!

Look at that Harvest Gold fridge!

No butcher-block island in the kitchen in the '70s!

Patty's looking for a dress.

Some interesting choices...

Yeah. That one looks good!

Wow. Much '70s. Such pattern.

There are no words to describe this dress...

Pretty bridge shot. Interesting view.

Have we seen this building before?

Patty doesn't look like a waitress in that dress, for sure!

The cool box that gaudy ring was in.

There is another way...


I wonder why they got rid of this furniture...

Piper gives Phoebe some side eye...

...Phoebe wants none of it.

Close up of that gaudy ring.

What is Patty wearing? Seriously...

Phoebe hides that note in the Book of Shadows, right by the Truth spell that Prue used a couple episodes back!

Check out young Piper's PJs!

Young Prue has some cool threads, too!

Hmm... Young Piper's looking down... That's not going to make for a good photo!

Arms up as they leave...

Arms down as they arrive...

Nicholas gets thrown into a wardrobe...

Look! You can see the wire pulling the stunt double back into the wardrobe!

Much wire!

Such stunt double!

For shame...

Why was the wardrobe filled with boxes?!

Yeah! You vanquish that evil!!

Goodbye, Nicholas. You won't be missed.

Two words: Boob window.

Huh... Could've sworn that young Piper was looking down... Must've been magic!

Phoebe thinks this is a great picture of her.

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