Episode 116

Episode 116 is live! We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy talking!

(Still not sure what is wrong with Kat's mic, but we are working on a new set-up and are hoping it will help stop whatever is happening. Thank you in advance for your patience!)

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This is the link for the "Whose Life Is It Anyway" wiki page.


Farrah Hair

How to achieve that Farrah hairdo!

How to achieve that Gidget look!

I wasn't completely wrong about the differences, but there is a bit more to it than what I said...

Do not laugh at "peen block" please...

Do not laugh at "peen block" please...

Interesting hilt on this sword...

The plastic... er... crystal sword is surprisingly clean for just being inside that guy!

Gotta love a glowing sword!

Look at that face in the pommel!

Look at that interesting dress pattern!

Do you think this statue is hideous? I don't think it goes with the decor of the house, but it's not hideous!

Look at that fuzzy sweater!

Just a little bit...

This is the vase Prue dated wrong...

Prue got stuck in a pillory...

Didn't even come close to hitting her!

Where is this supposed to be??

Book of Shadows entry for the Lord of War.

The spell Prue read to multiply! Maybe, if she had read the title of the spell, she'd have known what it would do...

Increasing Prue's power...

...means splitting her in three??

I love how, even in this still shot, you can tell the different personalities of them!

Can you tell which is which, just by the way they're standing?

Still love that Prue Prime's skirt is mid-length, the more uptight Pink Prue's skirt is at the knee, and the more flirty Blue Prue's skirt is short and tight!

Just look at that face!

Loving the underarm stubble!

Presented without comment.

Gotta love Piper's face as Blue Prue leaves the kitchen!

Van Ness streetcar brings upon a wiki explosion!

Hey! Those tickets look familiar! This awards show was a real thing, too! It was called the "Bammies" and I think that's adorable. Check out the BAM wiki page!

Sad Andy is sad...

Prue holds the blade of the sword. Not very safe, but it turns out ok...

Look at that CGI puddle!

Gotta love the face in the explosion!

Prue's assistant gets a gift basket. She could probably use a raise...

Andy has some newspaper clippings...

...and some interesting printouts!

Here's some tickets, along with Prue's fingerprints, but there's a couple things wrong here...

The tickets have a different row and seat numbers than before!!

Also... That's not Prue's birthday!! Who's fingerprints are these, really?!

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