Episode 118

Episode 118 has arrived! Join us on this journey of wiki tangents and laughter!

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Here's a link to the intro for the show "Dead At 21" if anyone wants to check it out.

Here's a link to the radio drama thing that Kat and her dad do! Kat plays Duke!

Here are the link to Hi! I'm Paul! and here's the link to  Hello, my name is Simon, and I like to do drawings!


Khaki Tacos


Warlock mouth herpes.

"Table" before...

"Table" after.

How would you describe Piper's shirt?

Industrial looking apartment building.

Just look at that door! You know you like it!

See? Penis collar.

Quake. Tan jacket, floral skirt lady. Brown suit lady. Valet Guy.

Look at that old school card reader!

Josh in his tablecloth, I mean, shirt...

Horse stunt doubles.

Rock climbing, er, falling stunt double.

"What could go wrong?" Never ask that, Phoebe. Never.

More V-necked as the episode went on.

Andy and Darryl. The only cops in the city.

It's not an athame.

See how close that dagger is to her chest? See how shiny it is?

See how far away from her chest that dagger is? See how much it looks like tin foil??

I wish this show was in HD so I could see this dagger better...

...Because even in closeup, I can't see the detail... This makes me sad.

Warlock Circle.

It's really hard to see, but that trim is neon lime green...

Church Outfits.

Stunt Double #4 for this show...

...flies into a wardrobe...

...that's actually filled with clothes!

Look at those lobes...

Greg the Warlock...

...with a glowing dagger in his chest...

...bursts into light and goes away.

We get to see what Prue's "usual" drink is, as well as seeing Andy's nice suit!

Phoebe's face when she learns that Piper called Josh.

"At least Piper is not a nun." "Right?" Clink glasses. Freeze frame. End episode.

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