Episode 108

Episode 108 has arrived! Get even more familiar with your hosts, and Blue, as well as learn new things by listening to this week's episode! Interact with us on Twitter, and you could possibly win something awesome! (Bonus points if you can tell me how many times we said "Creepthroat" in this episode!)

Oh! Also! Spoiler alert for Doctor Who, if you haven't watched the new series up to season four... (Just putting that there so no one can say we didn't warn them!)

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I don't remember ever seeing this outside the Manor before...

What are those red label water bottles? If you know, tweet @CharmedChatsPod (or @KatWaterflame) use #CharmedChats and let us know! You could win a super special something!

This is a dik dik. Isn't he cute?

When the real Book of Shadows is being repaired, they tried to use a stand-in, but I saw through that! It's just too thin!

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