Lirpa Loof! Happy April Fool's Day!

Join us as we descend down a wiki rabbit hole for this April Fool's Day episode! A complete departure from our normal format, but we think you'll enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it! Also: Nearly no editing! So, enjoy that!

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April Fool's Day  - - -  Austrian Presidential Election 1992 

Tzaraath  - - -  Mistletoe State Park  - - -  1998 in Russia 

Libya Women's National Football Team 

Sylvia Sidney  - - -  Barbarea Vulgaris  - - -  ColecoVision 

Lost Planet 3  - - -  Saptakanda Ramayana 

Al Son Del Mambo wiki  - - -  Al Son Del Mambo imdb 

Episode 307

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