Episode 113

Episode 113 is here! There are a few bloopers left in, mostly because Kat got a little lazy with the holiday and was rushing to finish editing this episode. I hope you can forgive her. There's also a bit more Blue moments in this one. Enjoy!

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Look at that clock!

Necklace choice number one.

Necklace choice number two.

Necklace choice number three. This is the necklace that Piper finally chooses.

The entry for Javna in the Book of Shadows.

This is the only mention in this episode that the Fear Demon's name is Barbas.

Arbowreap water! Get your Arbowreap water here!

What is on Prue's right leg? It looks like a tattoo is being hidden.

Prue gets a white streak in her hair...

Apparently, she doesn't like the skunk look...

Her hair is now completely dry, and we see that streak looking really grey. 

That streak looks smaller here...

There's a new line in the Book of Shadows entry from mom.

Hmm... Where'd that white streak go?

Closer shot, to show it isn't just hidden. It's gone.

Those two little light orbs have beautiful handwriting!

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